Godhra: Railways Station IRCTC Code GDA

Note of the place Godhra

Godhra: station code for Indian Railways Tickets Booking is GDA.

This place Godhra is a town, which came from the term gou referring to cow and also the other part of the word, dhara refers to two meanings. These in terms of Sanskrit, it refers to land or hold, whereby in terms of Hindi language, it means flow. This is in district of Panchmahal district, and is in the state of Gujarat. This place is at an elevation of around 73 m. This place Godhara is knowable for number of bethaks, which are 4 in number, that is for Vaishnav Sambraday. This place is in fact the only place which has the seats that are 3 in number for Lord Gokhulnathji, Lord Gusaiji and Lord Mahaprabuji. Sabarmathi Express passes this junction.

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Godhra: Railways Station IRCTC Code GDA

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