Gangakhed: Railways Station IRCTC Code GNH

Note about Gangakhed

Gangakhed: station code for Indian Railways Tickets Booking is GNH.

This place Gangkhed is a city as well as municipal council present in the district of Parbhani, which is in the state of Maharashtra. This place has the very background relating to history, whereby this place is the birth place of Shri Shant Janabai. This place is present on the banks of the River Godawari, whereby this place has the number of temples considered to be sacred and holy too. Rajwada palace is the scenic spot which is a tourist attraction of course. Shri Balaji temple is the most familiar temple which has both Balaji and Vishnu under the same place so. Chintamani Mandir is also very familiar here. This place has the railway station which is present between Parbhani and Parlin junction.

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Gangakhed: Railways Station IRCTC Code GNH

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