Ganaur Railways Station IRCTC Code GNU

Looking into the detailed info of Ganaur

Ganaur station code for Indian Railways Tickets Booking is GNU.

Ganaur is a place situated in the district of Sonipat of Haryana. It also constitutes a municipal committee in the city. The official name of the station in the directories of Indian Railways is Ganaur Station. The station code is named as GNU by the officials of Indian Railways. There are around 13 numbers of trains passing through the station. The rail lines are well connected with the stations of Lokmanyatilak T Junction, Jammu Tawi Junction, Pune Junction, Udhampur Junction, Chandigarh Junction, Allahabad Junction, Fazilka Junction, Delhi Junction, Kalka Junction, Howrah Junction and lots more. some prominent trains passing through the junction are Jammu Mail, Jhelum Express, Himalayan Queen Express, Unchahar Express, etc.

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Ganaur Railways Station IRCTC Code GNU

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