Gajraula: Railways Station IRCTC Code GJL

A general information of Gajraula, UP

Gajraula: station code for Indian Railways Tickets Booking is GJL.

This place Gajraula is in fact the town, and this place is in the district of Amroha, which is present in the state of Uttar Pradesh. This place is present on NH-24, a lane type of highway connecting the places Lucknow and Delhi. This place is present at a distance of 105 km farther from the capital of India, New Delhi. This place has the elevation which is around 257 m. Muslims form the major part of religion present in this village, apart from other religions. This place is just at the distance of around 53 km from Moradabad. Gajraula bus station and railway station serves here.

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Gajraula: Railways Station IRCTC Code GJL

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