Faizabad: Railways Station IRCTC Code FD

Fact of Faizabad, UP

Faizabad: station code for Indian Railways Tickets Booking is FD.

This place Faizabad is the place in fact the old capital of Awadh, which is in the district of Faizabad. This is in the state of Uttar Pradesh, whereby this place is on the banks of Ghagra River. This is otherwise knowable as Saryu. This place has a lot many attractions like Gulab Bari, which is meant as Garden of Roses; Bahu Behum Ka Maqbara is the Mausoleum of the Queen Bride is its name otherwise knowable too, this is in fact the memorial built for the Queen. Guptar Ghat is the place where Lord Rama has taken jal samadi, and also adjoining this place there is Company Gardens too, which is worth mentioning to visit. Faizabad Express passes this place.

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Faizabad: Railways Station IRCTC Code FD

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