Dibrugarh: Railways Station IRCTC Code DBRG

A note on the station Dibrugarh, Assam

Dibrugarh: station code for Indian Railways Tickets Booking is DBRG.

This place Dibrugarh is also a city, which is in the Dibrugarh district situated in the state of Assam. This place is knowable of the Tea City of the country, India. This place turns out to be the rising communication and also the industrial hub of North-Eastern India. This is located just at the distance of around 439 km from the place of Guwahati. This place is a station which has various trains to several places of the country. This place has the longest rail and also road bridge which is Bogibeel Bridge that makes the city a colourful one. The railway station as well as the airport accesses to the nearest places and also to the distant places too. Rajdhani Express does originate and also terminates here daily.

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Dibrugarh: Railways Station IRCTC Code DBRG

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