Dhuri: Railways Station IRCTC Code DUI

An interesting fact of Dhuri, Punjab

Dhuri: station code for Indian Railways Tickets Booking is DUI.

This place Dhuri is a well known city present in the state of Punjab. This is present in the district of Sangrur. This place is situated on the highway of Delhi-Ludhiana. The familiar historical region is Malwa, where Dhuri is a part of it. This Dhuri railway station is accessible to various cities all over the country. Airport is also nearby, which is at a distance of 70 km at Ludhiana. This place is at a height of 236m. Sugar mill, rice mill and also plastic pipe industry is present in this city. Maharankeshwar temple is the familiar one present here, dedicated ot Lord Shiva. Gurudwara is present here too. Dhuri Bhatinda passenger starts from here.

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Dhuri: Railways Station IRCTC Code DUI

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