Dhaulpur: Railways Station IRCTC Code DHO

A view of the place Dhaulpur, Rajasthan

Dhaulpur: station code for Indian Railways Tickets Booking is DHO.

Dholpur is the very city present in the state of Rajasthan. This is the place present in the district of Dholpur, whereby before Independence it’s a former princely state. This came into as a district by the year in 1982. There are nearly number of places of attractions are here, those which include, The Machkund temple is at the distance of 4km from this place, it’s a very picturesque and a scenic form too. Then you can even visit Chopra Shiv Temple, which is the very oldest temple, and is flocked during Maha Shivarathri. A Buddha temple is at Sant Nagar, which is around 2km from Bari. A Sikh pilgrimage is also here, which is Sher Shikhar Gurudwara. The place has seen various rulers, as it happened to be under Sultans, Tomars, Mughals, etc. Gorakpur-Okha Express starts from here.

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Dhaulpur: Railways Station IRCTC Code DHO

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