Dhampur Railways Station IRCTC Code DPR

Details provided of Dhampur station and nearby cities

Dhampur station code for Indian Railways Tickets Booking is DPR.

Dhampur is a city located in Bijnor district, Uttarpradesh. Dhampur is a place rich with ancient temples and ashrams. The historical place to visit there is Sherkot and Harewali. The nearby cities are Meerut, Moradabad and Muzaffarnagar. They are one of the sugar producers in India and the people living there mainly depend on agriculture. The city lies between two important tourist place Haridwar and Nainital. The city is popular for temples, Eid Ghah, Masjid, Jain Temple and Gurudwaras. Dhampur is well connected by rail and few trains that offer services are Doon Express, Amritsar Mail, Lucknow Chandigarh Express and many more.

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Dhampur Railways Station IRCTC Code DPR

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