Dasuya Railways Station IRCTC Code DZA

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Dasuya station code for Indian Railways Tickets Booking is DZA.

Dasuya is a city located in the district of Hoshiarpur, the state of Punjab. The national highway from Dasuya is connected by Jammu and Kashmir to other cities via Jalandhar. The city is mentioned in the ancient Indian epic as being ruled by King Virrata. The city offers historic places, and some other attractions such as Dasuya park, Garna Sahib Gurudwara and old fort. Dasuya doesn’t have airport and the city is connected by one of the busiest railway stations in Hoshiarpur. The station belongs to northern railways the lines are connected by broad gauge. Some trains that offer stop at Dasuya are Shalimar Express, Jhelum Express, Andaman Express and lots more.

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Dasuya Railways Station IRCTC Code DZA

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