Dalkolha Railways Station IRCTC Code DLK

North Bengal largest commercial city Dalkolha

Dalkolha station code for Indian Railways Tickets Booking is DLK.

Dalkhola is the city comes in the Uttar Dinajpur of West Bengal, India. This is the most important and second largest commercial city of North Bengal. Basically Dalkhola was a state of Bihar, after 1959, it became West Bengal state. One of the biggest railway stations in the Uttar Dinaijpur is Dalkhola Railway station. It comes under North Frontier zone Katihar Junction. The station is connected to major cities like Siliguri, Guwahati, Kolkata, Chennai, Delhi and Patna. The trains stop here is Testa Torsa Exp, Uttar Banga Exp, Kanchankanya Exp, Capital Exp, DNR Capital Exp, Mahananda Exp, Abadh Assam Exp etc.

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Dalkolha Railways Station IRCTC Code DLK

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