Dahanu Road Railways Station IRCTC Code DRD

Dahanu, theCoastal Town in Thane

Dahanu Road station code for Indian Railways Tickets Booking is DRD.

Dahanu is a coastal town with extensive uncluttered beach is in Thane District of state Maharashtra, about 124km from the main city Mumbai. Dahanu is a Taluka at crossroads by ecologically, culturally and socially; surrounded by Mumbai and Vapi advanced industrial and commercial metros. Dahanu is 6km north of Western Railway line Virar. Dahanu road is its railway station under the network of Mumbai Suburban Railway. In 2013, the Mumbai Western railway started its service for Dahanu Road. The major trains that pass are Veraval Pune Express, Pune Jodhpur Express, Ahimsa Express, Bandra Bhuj Express, Bandra Ahmedabad, Saurashtra Express, Gujarat Express etc.

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Dahanu Road Railways Station IRCTC Code DRD

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