Cuddapah Railways Station IRCTC Code HX

Cuddapah the well known Kadapa

Cuddapah station code for Indian Railways Tickets Booking is HX.

Cuddapah is well known as Kadapa is one of the cities in Rayalseema state now. Kadapa is YST district headquarters. It is 412km away from Hyderabad and surrounded by hills Nallamala and Palakonda on three sides. It is actually the gateway to the famous temple Tirumala. The monuments of nawabs who once ruled the city is still found there. Kadapa railway station is on the line Guntakal Chennai the part of the lane Mumbai- Chennai. The nearby major stations are Krishnapuram, Tirupati and Kanamole Palle. The train stops are Chennai Mail, Mumbai mail, Chennai Exp, Nagarcoil Exp, Mumbai Exp, Madurai Exp, etc

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Cuddapah Railways Station IRCTC Code HX

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