Churu Railways Station IRCTC Code CUR

The gateway of Thar Desert ‘Churu’

Churu station code for Indian Railways Tickets Booking is CUR.

Churu is the gateway of Thar Desert, situated in Rajasthan. Thar Desert is in District headquarter Churu. Churu lies in the middle of golden sand dune that opens the great desert Thar. Churu Junction is the railway line Delhi Rewari Bikaner wide Gauge. Meter gauge railway track to the Jaipur station and now its broad gauge. It comes under North West zone of Indian railways, Bikaner Junction. It handles more than 16 trains and 8 trains that stop at this station. The trains are Delhi Bikaner Exp, Vivek Exp, Delhi Sujangarh, Jodhpur Delhi Super fast Exp, Jaisalmer Howrah Exp, etc.

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Churu Railways Station IRCTC Code CUR

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