Chengalpattu Railways Station IRCTC Code CGL

Some important information about Chengalpattu

Chengalpattu station code for Indian Railways Tickets Booking is CGL.

Chengalpattu is located near the city of Chennai in Tamil Nadu state and is named after a lily called chenkazhuneer poo which is found in well amount in this locality. The city of Chengalpattu was once the capital of famous Vijaynagar kingdom. Gradually, French colony was established here and finally the British ruled over before independence. Chengalpattu is well connected by rail and road. It is very near to Chennai airport, only 38 km north and its railway station is will connected with other stations so that commuters can move into any directions. Bus services are equally good in all over Chennai and Chengalpattu is no exception.

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Chengalpattu Railways Station IRCTC Code CGL

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