Chau Mahla Railways Station IRCTC Code CMU

An Overview of Chau Mahla

Chau Mahla station code for Indian Railways Tickets Booking is CMU.

Chau Mahla is a palace of Nizams in Hyderabad. The history of Chau Mahla is dated back to 18th century and it was associated with the royal dynasty over the decades. The name of Chau Mahla itself suggests that there were 4 different parts and from that, it can be easily imagined, how big it can be. Prestigious UNESCO Asia Pacific merit award for cultural heritage conservation was offered to Chau Mahla and this is a rare moment of pride when there are several historical monuments are decaying. Chau Mahla as a point of communication is also good. This is very much well connected with other parts of Hyderabad and as more and more tourists used to visit Chau Mahla everyday, so the road and rail transport has improved a lot.

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Chau Mahla Railways Station IRCTC Code CMU

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