Boisar Railways Station IRCTC Code BOR

Important Information on Boisar

Boisar station code for Indian Railways Tickets Booking is BOR.

Boisar is situated in Thane district of Maharashtra and is known as an industrial area. Boisar is called as the gateway of Maharastha Industrial Development Corporation (MIDC) as well as Tarapur Atomic Power Station. In fact, under MIDC Tarapu, there are lots of big companies like Tata Steel, Viraj Profiles, JSW working out from this area and that is why this is purely an industrial belt. Majority of engineering industry like manufacturing, automobile and production rules in the area of Boisar and its adjoining ones. Boisar is an important railway station too of Western Railway where several trains are connected to Mumbai and other areas. Road communication is also a good one to drive through.

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Boisar Railways Station IRCTC Code BOR

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