Bijapur Railways Station IRCTC Code BJP

General Information about Bijapur

Bijapur station code for Indian Railways Tickets Booking is BJP.

Bijapur is a city situated in Karnataka state and is the headquarters of Bijapur taulk. Being an old and historical city like Bijapur, it has a long cultural heritage. In fact all the historical and archeological monuments and other things had been built during the regime of Kind Adil Shah. The city of Bijapur was established long ago in 11th century by the Chalukya dynasty and since then it is going to develop all the time. There are several historical sections in Bijapur like Gol Gombuz, Meuseum, Saat kabar, Jami Masjid and tourists do pay a visit to all of those throughout the year.

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Bijapur Railways Station IRCTC Code BJP

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