Bihiya Railways Station IRCTC Code BEA

Some general information about Bihiya

Bihiya station code for Indian Railways Tickets Booking is BEA.

Bihiya is a small town in the district of Bhojpur of Bihar. This town is alternatively called as Behea. Bihiya is a city of small traders who bank on agricultural products and selling them to the larger markets. The railway station of Bihiya is also of enough importance as general passengers and traders do use this station to go to other cities either for profession or for business. Most of the people of Bihiya speaks in Bhojpuri language and a holy temple like Mahthin Mai attracts a lot of devotees each year. Bihiya is well connected to other local joints using rail and road communication.

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Bihiya Railways Station IRCTC Code BEA

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