Bidar Railways Station IRCTC Code BIDR

General Information about Bidar

Bidar station code for Indian Railways Tickets Booking is BIDR.

Bidar is situated in the state of Karnataka and to be exact, it is on the Deccan Plateau. The location of Bidar is important as it serves as a border city between Karnataka and Maharashtra. Due to its utmost importance, the city of Bidar is also called as the crown of Karnataka. Bidri handicraft products are out of this cultural city only and the river Manjira flows along with the city to a great extent. Bidar is one of the top 5 cleanest city in Karanataka state and overall 22 in the entire India. Tourism is an attractive option here due to the presence of old Bidar fort and some temples, mosques and gurudwaras.

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Bidar Railways Station IRCTC Code BIDR

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