Bhiwani Railways Station IRCTC Code BNW

Important Information on Bhiwani

Bhiwani station code for Indian Railways Tickets Booking is BNW.

Bhiwani is a city in Bhiwani district itself under the state of Haryana. This city is known as city of temples and is popularly known as “Choti Kashi”. Bhiwani district was created in 1972 and is always a political place since beginning. Another important aspect of this Bhiwani city is its boxing schools for which Bhiwani is famous. Almost all of the Indian national boxers come from this small city. Bhiwani railway station is on the Rewari Bhatinda line. It is a popular line with good amount of passengers. Even road communication is also good where one can go to various directions using such connectivity.

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Bhiwani Railways Station IRCTC Code BNW

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