Bhatapara Railways Station IRCTC Code BYT

Important Information on Bhatapara

Bhatapara station code for Indian Railways Tickets Booking is BYT.

Bhatapara is a city along with a nagar palika in Bhatapara district of Chhattisgarh. The first thing that comes into mind after hearing Bhatapara is its famous Dal Poha and Bhatapara is quite famous for that in whole India. Rail and road connectivity is very good here and the rail station of Bhatapara lies in Howrah Nagpur Mumbai railway line. As Bhatapara is very close to the main city of Raipur, so the amenities and other facilities available in this city is adequate and people uses the Bhatapara station to go to different places. Around 1 lakh of people do stay here.

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Bhatapara Railways Station IRCTC Code BYT

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