Bhalki Railways Station IRCTC Code BHLK

Important Information on Bhalki

Bhalki station code for Indian Railways Tickets Booking is BHLK.

Bhalki is located in Karnataka. This is a town as well as a taluk in the district of Bidar. Bhalki has a long history dated back to 12th century and this city was very much into the famous bhakti movement. In fact dueing the regime of Nizam and later during British rule, Bhalki was a happening city with lots of activities. Due to its historic nature, there are several places where tourists used to come and visit. Some of them are Bhalki fort, Bhalki tank, Ram temple, Rameswara Temple, etc. Bhalki is very much well connected with other parts like Maharastra, Andhra Pradesh, Telegana and Karnataka.

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Bhalki Railways Station IRCTC Code BHLK

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