Bhagalpur Railways Station IRCTC Code BGP

Providing some important information about Bhagalpur

Bhagalpur station code for Indian Railways Tickets Booking is BGP.

Bhagalpur is situated at the banks of the river Ganges in Bihar and after Patna, Bhagalpur is the second most important city in Bihar. In ancient times, Bhagalpur had a big harbor on the river Ganges and trading was one of the main source of revenue for a major part of people lived at Bhagalpur. Even descriptions of Hsuan tsang and Fa-Hien also mentioned about Bhagalpur being an important place of trade and commerce in those days also. Even cultivation is also an important aspect due to fertile land in and around Bhagalpur. Crops like rice, wheat, maize and barley are cultivated in good amount.

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Bhagalpur Railways Station IRCTC Code BGP

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