Bhadrakh Railways Station IRCTC Code BHC

General Information about Bhadrakh

Bhadrakh station code for Indian Railways Tickets Booking is BHC.

Bhadrak is a city in Orissa district under the district of Bhadrak itself. It is a historical place and an ancient one also. Reference dated back to Mughol era and Bhadrak is being regarded as a holy city also. Also known as temple city, Bhadrak is having some famous temples like Biranchinarayan Temple, Akhandalamani Temple and many more. Bhadrak is also very much famous for its 7 days long Kali Puja. In British period too, Bhadrak played an active part in protest and all sorts of demonstrations against them. After independence, Bhadrak has improved a lot in terms of industry, education, trade, agriculture and commerce.

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Bhadrakh Railways Station IRCTC Code BHC

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