Bhachau Railways Station IRCTC Code BCOB

Important Information on Bhachau

Bhachau station code for Indian Railways Tickets Booking is BCOB.

Bhachau is a well-known city and also a municipality in the district of Kutch in Gujarat state. This place of Bhachau carrying a turbulent history both in 1956 and in 2001 when earthquake hit Gujarat in the worst way. Bhachau was one of those fully devastated towns in Gujarat which suffered a lot in fatal earthquakes. Then it slowly started to renovate itself and finally, Bhachau once again resotored back to normalcy. Bhachau is a historical place also due to the presence of Kathhad Dada hill. There are several trains that passes through this Bhachau and people often use this station to go elsewhere.

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Bhachau Railways Station IRCTC Code BCOB

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