Beawar Railways Station IRCTC Code BER

Important information on Beawer.

Beawar station code for Indian Railways Tickets Booking is BER.

Beawar is a city in Rajasthan and it is the financial capital of Merwara state of Rajputana. As per the demography is concerned, Jaipur is in the south west with a distance of 184 km and it is located in between Aravalli hills. This city of Beawar was established in the British period and later after independence, it came to India. Beawar is a prominent place of small scale industries and it is quite a popular in terms of that type of business. In terms of art and culture also, Beawar is an important place and the station of Beawar is well connected with all other nearby important places.

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Beawar Railways Station IRCTC Code BER

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