Basti Railways Station IRCTC Code BST

General Information about Basti Junction

Basti station code for Indian Railways Tickets Booking is BST.

Basti is a small town in Uttar Pradesh and once ago, it was a village with limited resources. In the primitive age, this was known as Vasishthi as per the famous rishi named Vashishtha. It is believed that lord Rama and Lakshman were there in this location for some time. As the city of Basti is located in Uttar Pradesh, so natural beauty is a part of it and another important aspect of this city is well connection of roads and busses. Being a station, there are several avenues of communication from Basti as a person can move to virtually any direction. That is why a huge number of people are ready to live at Basti and being a historical place, you can literally enjoy the ambience.

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Basti Railways Station IRCTC Code BST

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