Barpali Railways Station IRCTC Code BRPL

General Information about Barpali

Barpali station code for Indian Railways Tickets Booking is BRPL.

Barapali is a small town and also a notified area committee in the popular Bargarh district in the state of Orissa. Being in the bargarh district, it enjoys a locational advantage although the city itself a little one, not too big. Barapali is having a fair amount of literacy awareness with 66% of its people are literate as per the latest census and out of those 66%, 59% are male and 41% are female. Being a very old and rural town, Barapali is carrying some special identities over the years. Earlier times sanitary system still is being used in these areas and the city is famous for the popular handloom work of ikat. There are several person who received national awards due to this. Goddess samalei holds an important position in terms of religion too.

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Barpali Railways Station IRCTC Code BRPL

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