Barh Railways Station IRCTC Code BARH

An Overview of Barh

Barh station code for Indian Railways Tickets Booking is BARH.

Barh is a popular town situated in Bihar and is located on the banks of the river Ganga. The distance of Barh from the capital of Bihar, Patna is 55 km. In the british period, Barh was the biggest supplier of lentil and pulse as this city was well connected with Kolkata, then Calcutta. As it was 12th no halt for ships going from Kolkata, so, the name of the place became Barh from barah, hindi of English 12. There are some important places in Barh and some of them are national thermal power corporation (ntpc), Barh jail, Barh station and others. Barh station holds an important in such cases where several trains passes this station.

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Barh Railways Station IRCTC Code BARH

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