Bankura Railways Station IRCTC Code BQA

Some general information about Bankura

Bankura station code for Indian Railways Tickets Booking is BQA.

Bankura has picked up much reputation among the voyagers hailing from various places in India. The spot has a rich social and customary legacy. It is celebrated for its music, painting and different types of expressions. It has achieved a lot of prominence among the voyagers from all over India because of the lovely areas and some authentic ends of the line. The spot has helped incredible arrangement towards present day Bengal symbolization and structural engineering. The Bankura railway station is an exceptionally old station on the Adra Kharagpur (ADA-KGP) line of the South Eastern (SE) Railways. Until something like 1975, just low speed trains used to precede onward this track, as the track was not fit for Express prepares.

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Bankura Railways Station IRCTC Code BQA

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