Bamra Railways Station IRCTC Code BMB

Providing some important information about Bamra

Bamra station code for Indian Railways Tickets Booking is BMB.

Bamra is an ancient city having its root in the British period. It was one of the princely states of India in the time of British regime. The capital of it was Deogarh and the Bamra town railway station in being in touch with the famous BNR – Bengal Nagpur Railway. Several renowned kings ruled this part of the world and some of them was particularly famous like Raja Tribhuban Singh, Raja Basu Deb Sudhai Deb and many others. It was a popular belief that the Raja of Bamra was belong to Rajput dynasty of Patna. After enjoying independence for several years, in the year 1948, the last ruler of Bamra signed the treaty to be part of India.

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Bamra Railways Station IRCTC Code BMB

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