Bamnia Railways Station IRCTC Code BMI

General Information about Bamnia

Bamnia station code for Indian Railways Tickets Booking is BMI.

Bamnia is a railway station situated under western railway. In fact, it is 45 km away from Ratlam junction. This is to be noted that Barmnia station is on the Ratlam – Godhra section. This is one of the modern stations and ultimately, the second largest station in Jharsaguda region. This is a well-known town for small scale business and it has a big Mandi. There are several small villages surrounding Bamnia and all those come to the main city to earn their livelihood. The earlier name of Bamnia was “Manorama Gaj Madi. The railway station is a small one with not so much population although it is rich in farming culture.

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Bamnia Railways Station IRCTC Code BMI

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