Arrakonam Railways Station IRCTC Code AJJ

Arrakonam Railway Station That Helps You Connect with Other Prime Locations Nearby.

Arrakonam station code for Indian Railways Tickets Booking is AJJ.

Arrakonam is a small town placed in the middle of Tamil Nadu with a very high population. This place is among the hottest state in India with a very high temperature in summers. Arrakonam Station in Vellore district is the third largest railway junction of all. It is ideally located in crossing of the Guntakal- Chennai line and Chennai- Bangalore line which is a chunk of Mumbai- Chennai track. A recent suburban power train provision is also available towards Chennai. 84 trains passé through this track and connect with other places with some popular trains like BRINDAVAN EXP, MADURAI EXPRESS, NCJ MUMBAI EXPRESS etc.

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Arrakonam Railways Station IRCTC Code AJJ

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