Andheri Railways Station IRCTC Code ADH

An Overview On Andheri Railway Station And Its Historical Background

Andheri station code for Indian Railways Tickets Booking is ADH.

Andheri is known as the largest suburb of Mumbai situated in the west of the city. Andheri has population over 1 million. The West Andheri is more of a residential area and the East Andheri consist of residential as well as commercial area. Adheri railway station is known as the busiest railway station all over the country. Andheri has several historical and traditional monuments like Zoroastrian Parsi Fire Temple, Mahakali caves, Vanchasiddhi temple of Lord Ganesh etc. In the mid twentieth century Andheri was famous for many Film Studios which later on moved to Film City Goregaon

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Andheri Railways Station IRCTC Code ADH

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