Anarparti Railways Station IRCTC Code APT

An Overview Of Anaparti, A Town In East Godavari District And Its Historical Background

Anarparti station code for Indian Railways Tickets Booking is APT.

Anparti is a town in Andhra Pradesh and is exactly situated in East Godavari District. It is named on King Anapotha Reddy. The town has all facilities like medical, transport, and commercial outlets. This town is also popular for money lending business. This town is also known as semi-urban with banking facilities like SBI, SBH, Andhra Bank etc. The town has many educational institutes, hospitals and industries. Anparti is important railway station that generates more than Rupees Three Crore revenue per annum. The town is also famous for temples like Veerullamma and Bapanamma

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Anarparti Railways Station IRCTC Code APT

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