Anara Railways Station IRCTC Code ANR

A Brief Introduction Of Anara And Its Nearby Railway Station

Anara station code for Indian Railways Tickets Booking is ANR.

Anara is an important railway station that is between situated between Adra and Purulia. The railway station is controlled by South Eastern railways and it is well connected to other nearest towns and cities like Adra, Sidhri, Jhantipahari. Anara also have an airport naming Dhanbad Airport at a distance of 41 kms approximately and the other one is Sonari Airport. The major trains that pass, start and end at Anara are over 12. These trains include:
1: Chappra Tata Express
2: Howrah Express
3: Swaran Rekha Express
4: Tatanagar Asansol express etc.

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Anara Railways Station IRCTC Code ANR

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