Anantpur Railways Station IRCTC Code ATP

A brief introduction of Anantapur Railway Station situated in Andra Pradesh

Anantpur station code for Indian Railways Tickets Booking is ATP.

Anantapur railways station is situated in Andra Pradesh and is approx 98 kilometers away from Bellary Airport. It is one of the largest city in geographical area amongst the other cities of Andra Pradesh.The railway station is controlled by South Central Railway under Guntakal division. It consists of two platforms that is used for arrival and departure of over 58 trains. This place is very well connected by neighboring cities and other states by road and railways. The city has different sightseeing like Dharmavaram, Gooty, Hemavathi,Penukonda, Lepakshi, Tadipatri etc

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Anantpur Railways Station IRCTC Code ATP

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