Amroha Railways Station IRCTC Code AMRO

Some Essential Facts About Amroha Station And Various Trains Running From Here

Amroha station code for Indian Railways Tickets Booking is AMRO.

Amroha is basically a small town located in Uttar Pradesh. This place is quite popular for its mangoes and fish. For this reason, its name is also derived from aam and rohu. This place also has a rich historical background being under the rule of many ancient rulers. Some popular attractions located here include Vasudev Mandir, Meere Saddo Masjid, etc. Amroha station connects this place to other major locations via a number of trains such as Bareilly exp, Nauchandi exp, Intercity exp, KV Exp, Satyagrah exp, Sitapurcity Passenger, etc

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Amroha Railways Station IRCTC Code AMRO

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