Adipur Railways Station IRCTC Code AI

Important Information on Adipur ailway Station in Gujrat

Adipur station code for Indian Railways Tickets Booking is AI.

Adipur is a city in Kutch district, Gujarat and its rich tradition goes long way back when a refugee camp had been founded there after the independence of India. Then a self-governing body of Sindhu Resettlement Corporation had been formed under the able leadership of Bhai Pratap Diadas and finally the city saw a permanent residents after some years. For most Sindhi people, Indian Institute of Sindhology established in Adipur for development, advancement and research of Sindhi language. With a number of schools, colleges and universities, Adipur is a prominent place there with its rail station is also a busy one with 11 trains running whole day up and down.

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Adipur Railways Station IRCTC Code AI

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