Abu Road Railways Station IRCTC Code ABR

General Information about Abu Road in Rajasthan

Abu Road station code for Indian Railways Tickets Booking is ABR.

Abu Road is situated in Rajasthan, south west of famous Mount Abu and this is an important railway station of Indian Railways between New Delhi and Ahmedabad. A scenic and picturesque Mount Abu at the top within 27 Km, Abu Road is a place to visit again and again. It has an old heritage way back to 1880 when the station was founded and is now well connected with different parts of India. Apart from Mount Abu, one can visit the places like Bhadrakali Temple, Brahma Kumari World Spiritual University, Shree Pavapuri Tiirth Dham, a famous Jain temple and many more. As many as 68 trains do pass via Abu Road, thus the importance can be easily understood.

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Abu Road Railways Station IRCTC Code ABR

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