Canon Speedlite 270 EX II

This is a High-Performance flash unit Ultra compact & ultra-lightweight Wireless use W/EOS DSLR master function 2-second flash delay possible. It has a built-in infrared Remote Release function. Note that it is designed for EOS D-SLR cameras. The flash features a Guide Number 27 and bounce flash head. It has been designed to be highly compact and light in weight, which makes carrying it very convenient.





270EX II

Guide No.

Normal (28mm) ISO 100: 72′

Recycle Time

0.1-3.9 seconds

Bounce Head

60°, 75°, 90°

AF Assist Beam

Intermittent flash firing system

E-TTL Compatibility



2x AA batteries


5.5 oz (155 g)

Compatible Models

EOS 5D Mark II and later

Canon Speedlite 270 EX II

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