Bruhat Shilajit Vati

Bruhat Shilajit Vati, like all other products found at Ayurvedic Zeist, is also a natural product which has many benefits but has no side effects at all. The key ingredients of Bruhat Shilajit Vati are shilajit or purified black bitumen, guggul also known as Commiphora mukul and amalaki or Embellica officinalis. These ingredients are known for their natural properties and have no known side effects on being used for a long term. It is perfect for those looking for a natural cure for diabetes or those who are looking for a natural aphrodisiac or rejuvenator. The formulation comes in a pack of 100 vatis or 1000 vatis.

You can buy this product from Patanjali official Website – Goto Patanjali Website


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Bruhat Shilajit Vati

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