Anu Oil

Anu oil is a wonderful oil. It is the result of a very costly and time-consuming process. A few drops administered into the nasal passages can instantly dispel or soothe the most stubborn, drug resistant headaches. Ingredient: Daruharidra- Berberis aristata,,Shatawari- Asparagus racemosus Vayuidang-Embelia ribes,Mustha-Cyperus rotundus,Mulethi-Glycyrrhiza glabra Devdahru-Cedrus deodara,Dalchini-Cinnamomum zeylanica,Tejpatra-Cinna mumtamala ,Khas-Vetiveria zizanoides,Agar-Aqiularia agallocha Shallaki-Boswellia serrata,Ela- Elettaria cardamom,Shalparni-Desmodium laxiflorum,Prishniparni-Uraria picta,Brihati Kateri-(big) Solanum indicum Kateri(small)- Solanum jacquinii,Jivanti-Leptadenia reticulate,Goat milk Sesame oil.blica

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Anu Oil

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