Tiger Airways Web Check-In

Tiger Airways Web Check-In Process

Web Check-In is the new process introduced in many airways such as, Tiger Airways which helps the passenger to enjoy the hassle free journey and saves time. This is a process which confirms that you are going to fly to your destination by the same flight that you have booked through web. Tiger airway would like to make their travelers to be more comfortable even when they do check in process either through online or at airport. However, checking in online is very standard for budget airlines like Tiger Airways.

Many of the passengers don’t have an idea about Tiger Airways web check-in process, so it is good to have a brief knowledge about how it works.

Know how it works

At Tiger Airways, the gateway for the web check-in is pretty easy and can be understood by all the passengers who use the online service. When a passenger buys a ticket there will be an option called Check-in online or Check-in airport. However, the passenger has to pay for both the services but, online check is comparatively cheaper than the other.

Things to remember

A few important points to remember while you are doing web check in for your travel:

  • Checking in online can be done from around 28 days to 5 hours before your travel
  • To do the check-in process through web, you have to visit Tiger Airways website with registered user id (email id) and password
  • If passengers to travel are more than one along with you, please enter all the details of the members along with passport number (Tiger Airways, international needs this)
  • Once the entry of details matches with the booking details, print the boarding for all the passengers and keep safe as you need this in the airport with you
  • By using web check-in process the procedure for luggage checking will be easier and faster than before. It is good advantage to avoid standing in queue and get your favorite seats though you reach late to airport. However, it is good if you reach before 45 minutes to the airport
  • If you forget the boarding pass booked through web check in , then you have to buy a new boarding pass at the airport and have to follow all the normal procedure with extra fee
  • A passenger can book inbound and outbound check in through the Tiger Airways website

Benefits by using Web check-in online at Tiger Airways are, you can allot the seat during your flight booking. By using Web Check-in it reduces the time for manual check and gives an error free result during the entire process. This merely helps the airport employees to utilize the minimum time to do the check in process and for passengers no need to rush to airport before two hours to complete the process.

Tiger Airways web check-in process is very comfortable as passenger can do the entire process from home or from office anytime (from around 28 days to 5 hours before your travel). This technology improved the airport services and Tiger Airways flight service to promote their hassle free check-in-process experience during the travel.

Tiger Airways Web Check-In

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