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Tiger Airways PNR Check Here

Tiger Airways is the airline which has its head quarter centered in the Asia pacific country Singapore. They came into action on the date December 12, 2003 and kicked off by starting their operations a year later.

Tiger Airways is one of the low cost carriers which have multiple destinations across the world. The airlines have actually put up the foundation of the airlines in Australia. They have also acquired the shares from major airlines like Southeast Asian Airlines and have made their investments in the similar carrier Mandala Airlines. This has actually made them to start its business and operations across multiple countries that can reach more than 50 destinations. The low cost carriers have developed a lot and have had a tremendous growth amongst the international carriers. The country Thailand is best considered as a major market which makes more revenue for the airline. It has won awards like “Low Cost Airline of the Year” twice from the authority CAPA in the year 2006 and 2010.

Ticket booking in Tiger Airways

There are multiple ways for booking tickets for travelling in the carrier. Few of the ways are:

  • Reservation counter
  • Checking the home page of the airlines and Click Book ticket and etc

There are sometimes when the ticket passenger can book can get “waitlisted” status or some status other than confirmed. For every booking there will be a reference number be issued along with the ticket. Sometimes it is called as booking reference number or PNR. PNR stands for Passenger Name Record. But there are various passengers who know the ways PNR can be checked. But there are still few people who are ignorant of the ways in checking the Tiger Airways PNR Status

Checking PNR Status of Flight

The PNR stores actually the basic information provided by the passenger or group of passengers when they booked the ticket to travel on the airline. It is not a big deal to check the Tiger Airways PNR Status of the ticket. There are multiple ways by which this can be done. Some of them are as follows:

  • Member manage booking
  • Reservation counter
  • Airline Home page
  • PNR updates tracker through mobile/email
  • Toll free Number

PNR usage in the industry of Aviation

In order to understand the reason behind the necessity of a PNR number, one must first try and understand the theme behind the evolution of the PNR. The PNR is basically a concept that is being used by all the airlines across the world to make the data exchange with the other airlines happen more easily in a convenient way. This will become more important during the time when the passenger chooses to travel in more than a single flight or in multiple carriers for reaching their destination.

PNR Status Enquiry of Tiger Airways

 The passengers who books in the Tiger Airways for reaching their destination places can easily check their PNR status at any point of time before the travel by just calling the customer care people or can even be checked online. There are still in-house applications available for the passengers to check the Tiger Airways PNR Status by themselves without having to depend on the others with much ease.

Tiger Airways PNR Status

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