Spicejet Web Check Ins

Spicejet Web Check Ins

Founded in the year 2004, Spicejet is now one of the most commonly used airliner with minimal delays and quality service. With the internet to now simplify things for you, make the best use of online services which you can perform at the comfort of your home or workplace. You no longer have to wait in a long line to obtain a boarding pass at the airport. Spicejet now provides its customers an option to check-in online and select their seats, meals and other services at the comfort of their homes.

Using your electronic ticket number or your PNR number, you can click on the check-in tab and obtain your boarding pass online. You can then carry a copy of this boarding pass while boarding you flight. This boarding pass is available to you 48 hours before the scheduled time and is valid up to 2 hours before the departure time in metro cities and for other cities is open 24 hours in advance. However, this option is not provided to passengers with special request like wheelchairs or for minors without a guardian.

Once you have availed the boarding pass, you can walk in directly for the security check. Ensure your luggage does not weigh more than 8 kgs. Also ensure that you do not carry items that are banned or not allowed suck as lighters, razors or knives, sporting equipment and ammunition. All baggage that weighs over 8 kgs will be considered as excess baggage which will cost you extra. You can carry musical instruments along as long as the baggage does not exceed 8 kgs.

Always ensure that you have your ticket and boarding pass with you till you arrive at the destination and leave the airport. Sighting the recent security breaches, airports now perform frequent checks to protect passengers and commuters. Online check-ins can also be done in commercial websites like cleartrip.com. However, ensure that you authenticate the website that you visit and do not disclose credit card and bank information unless you are opting for additional services.

There are scammers who create fraudulent websites by camouflaging the logo of the airliner or the commercial website. They then trick you into giving out your information and might also obtain your credit card or bank information. Ensure that you carry a valid identity proof while boarding as you will be asked to provide it to authenticate your identity. Ensure you do not consume alcohol or banned substances and if found guilty might even result in legal proceeding. Security personnel now have a machine that can trace alcohol in your breath.

Technological advancements have simplified the way we do things however ensure that they are not misused and you use safe and secure mediums to transact. Do not disclose your PNR or the electronic ticket number to strangers. Ensure that your baggage is safe when you reach the airport and do not trust strangers or suspicious characters to handle your luggage.





Spicejet Web Check Ins

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