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Jet Konnect is one of the major airlines in India. After Air India, Jet Airways is considered to be the second major airlines based in Mumbai. Both in terms of market share and passenger carried the airlines are very much prospering. Founded in the year 1992, they have about 1000 flights operating daily in about 76 destinations all over the country. Jet Konnect is one the subsidiaries of Jet Airways. The major hubs of these airlines include Mumbai, Delhi, Chennai, Kolkata, and Bangalore. The founder of the company is Naresh Goyal and the parent company is Tailwinds Limited.

The airlines commenced its operations in the year 1993. Jet Konnect is actually the low cost brand of Jet Airways launched in the year 2009. The basic thought of launching Jet Konnect was to close down the loss making routes and concentrate to more profitable routes with more passenger load capacity. Jet Konnect offers eight different business class seats to cash in the woes of the Kingfisher Airlines. Jet Konnect has rules on purchasing every good one gets on board which includes meals and refreshments. To enhance the connectivity the airlines has placed in order 5 ATR aircrafts. Another subsidiary of Jet Airways was launched in the year 2012 named JetLite.

Jet Konnect now is one of the major companies which assures perfect and easier journey to the passengers. They are very much popular in the domestic services categories. The airline is famous because of its various customer care assistance which comprises of online booking services, baggage facilities, news updates as well as web check in facilities. This is for the customers to make their journey smoother and enjoyable. Rendering a lot of comfort and satisfaction is the web check facility of the airlines. This facility helps in checking in the web in for Jet Konnect at their convenience anywhere from home or work and a detailed picture of the services of the airlines.

This service can be availed anywhere through their PC or laptop and is considered to be one of the silent features of the airlines. The check in window of a particular flight opens about 48 hours before the flight. This window helps you navigate through all the details of the flight ticket one bought. The seat number or any change in the flight schedule is reflected in the window. Even when the journey is on, the window gives live info of where the flight is and how much time it will take to reach its destination. The Web check in helps in selecting meals and other in-flight features beforehand. All one needs to do is go in the web and click a new tab for the airlines and follow the instructions. For the convenience of the passengers, the Airlines place in such features which are of great help for the customers. The Web check in feature is considered to be one of the silent features of the airlines. Almost all airlines has these features and can be availed any time required.

Jet Konnect Web Check in

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