Jet Airways PNR Status

Jet Airways is one of the most premium airline service providers in the country and through their impeccable service, the airline has established itself as one of the forerunners of the aviation industry in the country. The airline has innumerable flights connecting most big and small cities in the country. Apart from providing connectivity, Jet Airways is also known for its convenient services, facilities, excellent in-flight hospitality and customer-centric approach to issues. Jet Airways offers a number of services that are designed to make travel convenient and easy for it passengers.

One such service is the PNR status service which is designed to keep you informed of the status of your flight. Most persons prefer checking their flight status before stepping out of home. However, the earlier practice was to call a toll free number to check the status of the flight and gather information on delays and cancellations thereof. Network issues, long waiting time etc were the major issues that most passengers faced and hence the airlines has offered this amazing service that allows you to check the PNR status as and when required.

Jet Airways has a very convenient portal, which lists out all the services offered by the airlines. In case you are travelling and want to check the status of your flight before stepping out of home, all you need to do is go to the website of Jet Airways, You can click on the tab that reads PNR status, enter your details, the PNR number of your flight and check the status of the flight in a matter of few minutes. This fantastic service enables you to stay informed about any delays or cancellations. This will save you from any unnecessary hassles in case there are any changes in your flight schedule.

The PNR status service available through Jet Airways is just another extension of the several services that the airline offers to make the travel experience easy, convenient and enjoyable. In addition to the internet portal, Jet Airways services can now also be availed on the mobile phone. Any person who uses a GPRS enabled mobile phone can log into the website using his/her phone, log in to the website, feed in his/her travel and ticket details, PNR status and check the status of their flight. This adds further convenience to the travel experience of a person with Jet Airways.

Jet Airways is known for its high class services and excellent in-flight services. Through its ground offices, web portal and mobile services, Jet Airways ensures that each passenger has a completely satisfying experience with the airlines. The airlines have well trained staff that is ready to help in case of any need for assistance. This is one of the major reasons why the airlines have achieved a leadership position among the several players in the Indian aviation sector.

Jet Airways also has certain rules and guidelines for baggage check in, cancellation and web check in. Information on all these services is available on the website of Jet Airways.

Jet Airways PNR Status

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