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PNR Status Etihad Check Here

Etihad Airlines was established in the year 2003 and is the flag carrier airlines of United Arab Emirates. This airline is based in Abu Dhabi and is in operation since November 2003. The name of the airlines is derived from the Arabic word meaning “union”. The airline operates at around 1000 flights every week with a fleet of 85 airbus and Boeing Aircrafts. This airline is considered to be the fourth largest airlines in the Middle East and it is the second largest in United Arab Emirates. The airlines reported a profit of 14 million US dollars in the year 2011. The CEO of the company is James Hogan since 2006.

Etihad has a share hold of about 30% in Air Berlin, which is the sixth largest airline in Europe. The chairman of the company is Hamed bin Zayed Al Nahyan. The airlines company has a subsidiary named Etihad Regional which works within the country only. Etihad has six alliances namely Air Serbia (49%), Jet Airways (24%), Air Berlin (29.21%), Virgin Australia (19.9%), Darwin Airline (33.3%) and Aer Lingus (4.1%). The airlines have several airplanes operating for cargo purposes. Etihad is reported to deliver 368000 tons of cargo in the year 2012.

Etihad has the same process for the PNR as other Airlines. The PNR standing for Passenger name record is record for the database of the computer reservation system. It basically contains the itinerary for the passengers or a group of passengers if travelling together. The concept of PNR was first introduced by the airlines when they needed to exchange the information on the reservation in case of the passengers if they wanted to have detailed information of their flight. IATA and ATA has defined interline messaging for the PNR and other data through the reservation interline message procedure and is followed by Etihad Airlines. When a passenger books a ticket in Etihad, the passenger gives an itinerary that the airline agent or the travel website will create a PNR in their computer reservation system it uses and can the information about their flight can be shared by the customer as well as the airlines.

These systems are generally one of the largest global Distribution Systems such as Sabre or Amadeus. If the booking is done directly with the airlines the PNR can be in the database of the Etihad CRS. The PNR is actually the master PNR and the associated PNR is identified in the particular database in the record locator. The PNR of a ticket holds up its parts which are, the name of the passenger, Contact details, Ticketing details, Itinerary details which is supposed to same for all the passengers in that flight and the name of the person who made the booking. Other than that a considerable amount of information about the fare, the form of payment used, further contact details, age details, flyer data, SSR and optional service details is also mentioned under the PNR. The PNR status of a passenger can be found out at their official site.

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